iPet Mini
Silicone case
Black Silcone Rim
USB charging cable with patented magnetic plug

Device Description

  1. Charging Socket
  2. LED Light
  3. IMEI Barcode
  4. IMEI Number
  5. Power Switch
  • ■ Low Battery : blinking red light
  • ■ GPS Signal : blinking blue light
  • ■ GSM Signal : blinking green light

User Guide

General usage condition :
(1)Turn on the iPet Mini by long pressing the power button, LED indicators will rise simultaneously.
(2)Turn off the iPet Mini by long pressing the power button, LED indicators will be extinguished sequentially.
(3)Reporting interval will remain the previous setting even the device is turning off.
Charging :
  • Use USB charging cable.
  • Use the charging cable to connect to charging socket.
  • When the tracker is charging, the red LED light will light up.
  • When fully charged, the red LED light will turn into green.

Accessory installation

Put the silicone case on iPet mini.
Put in the first side.
And pull out from the other side.
Start setting the silicone case from the front side.
Put the silicone case on the one of rim.
Pull the rim out from the silicone case.
Follow the step 6&7 in order to install the other side.

Remove accessory

Pull the case off iPet mini one corner at a time.
Take out iPet mini.
Seperation successful.


iOS App

1-Click to add new device.
2-There are two ways to add new device.
3-Adding successfully.
Click the device name to check more info.
4-More functions.

Android App

1-Click to see the full menu.
2-Click to add new device.
3-There are two ways to add new device.
4-Adding successfully.
5-You may see the new tracker in the menu bar.

Tips on using the device

About Global Positioning System (GPS)
  1. GPS will work better under outdoors and clear sky.
  2. When working in proximity of buildings, valleys or on the streets, the postion might not be that accurate due to the envirmental condition.
  3. If the device is used under bad weather or indoors, the device might not be able to position itself.
  4. If the automotive window film contain metallized or defogging heating layer, it might be disturbing the signal strength of the GPS, even can't received the GPS signal successfully.
About Location-Base Service (LBS)
  1. LBS positions mean the position of the nearest cellular tower, not the real position.
  2. Due to the fact that there are more cellurlar tower in metropolis area, the LBS positon will be more accurate than in suburb areas.
  3. Different trackers in same physical location might apear on different positon in LBS position because they use different cellular tower to positon itself.
  4. This product operates on GSM signals. If there are no GSM signals at all, the tracker will not function properly.
About Sleeping status
  1. The device will enter sleeping status in normal and urgent mode, seizing all network connection and GPS function. When the device senses movement, it will resume its function.
  2. The device will not enter sleeping status in power saving mode.